Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Review: "What's He Really Thinking?"

What's he really thinking cover

Like every woman, I often wish I better understood the men in my life.  Heaven knows, even without setting foot outside my house I have plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with people of the male persuasion. One husband plus three sons (not to mention a male cat) make for an abundance of testosterone all around me.  So, after reading some positive reviews of "What's He Really Thinking?" by Paula Rinehart, I decided to give it a look.  As the subtitle says, the book is designed to help you to be "a relational genius with the man in your life."

Does this book deliver?

I felt a bit of cynicism when I picked up my copy.  Partly, it was because I feared I might, at best, be holding a book of pop-psychology with a "Christian" label slapped onto it.  After all, that's what most "Christian" books amount to, these days.  Or, at worst, it could even be an angry feminist rant with plenty of male-bashing.  This world offers plenty of that as well, and I want nothing to do with it.

But, I had heard good things about this book, so I decided to wade ahead.  And I asked my husband to read it as well, because I figured he was more qualified than I am to decide if the book represented his gender well.

I'm so glad I did. 

The book is so much better than I had dared to hope for.  It fosters a genuine appreciation for the way God designed males, and a desire to get better acquainted with the ones I thought I knew.  I felt moved, inspired, and refreshed as I read it. 

Perhaps more significantly, my husband loved this book.  He underlined, took notes, and at some points was truly quite moved.  He expressed thankfulness to me for sharing the book with him, and for having a desire to get to know him better. 

Have I become a relational genius yet?  No, but I have great hopes that the conversations which will ensue as a result of our reading (and re-reading) this book will go a long way towards increasing our understanding and appreciation of one another.

I would unhesitatingly recommend this book.


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