Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 Cor. 3:17 - True Freedom "In Other Words"

"In Other Words"

"I'm free!" said he, and off he ran
Away from that oppressive man
Who weighed him down with rules and such
Restrictions which were far too much
To bear, and so like wind he flew
"Bye Mom and Dad, I don't need you!"

Yes, free he was to break all rules
And limits set for mindless fools --
"A fool I'm not, why can't you see,
Your warnings don't apply to me!
Who cares if others lost their way?
I'm my own god, how can I stray?"

Who was this lad, and what his fate?
He's millions who have passed the gate
Which leads into a way so wide
That everyone can fit inside
And play whatever foolish games
Will blind them to approaching flames.

Freed to fiddle while life burns,
Oblivious to downward turns.
Singing to drown out the screams
Of all who've reached the end of dreams.
At liberty to take a chance
And on Titanic's decks to dance.

"What, jump this ship?" the blind fools scoff.
"We've no desire to get off.
How can you say that we could sink?
You lack a zest for life, we think."
How free are they, who blinders wear
And doom themselves, without a care?

A view of the Grand Staircase with the crystal...Titanic Image via Wikipedia

"I'm free!" said she, "I will not work.
Some slaves may serve; I'm free to shirk.
Submit? You cannot force me to!
My soul would die if I served you."
Her home, her kids, her husband, all
Ignored in favor of self's call.

And yet, within her heart she wept
For love unshown, and vows unkept.
Her kids grew tall, and years were lost
She had her way, but at what cost?
If truth be told, she longed to give
But feared "to serve is not to live."

But then the Spirit touched and warmed
Her heart, and tenderly He formed
A love that cast out all her fear,
Freed her to serve the ones most dear.
"No one can force, but you can choose:
Life lost to save, or saved to lose?" *

Safe in His love, she's free at last
Not doomed to imitate the past.
Loosed from the cycle of regret
To sin's demands no more in debt
What joy it is to see how she
is redefining liberty!

Each soul, when given choice, pursues
exactly what Love says to choose.
A bitter trap, the love of sin
A gilded net to drown souls in.
But precious gift the Spirit gives...
A heart that loves the Lord, and lives!

*Matt. 16:25

This week's "In Other Words" is being hosted by Karen at her blog, "In Love W.I.T.H Jesus." Be sure to drop by her blog for links to other insights on this verse, and please leave comments if you are blessed.

And please remember...no matter what happens with the elections, a heart centered on God, through Christ, by the Spirit will find peace, joy, and yes, LIBERTY in Him!


Anonymous said...

I love your poem! So true.

Denise said...


Karen said...

I love your poem too it was great to read. You think of the High School student who thinks they are now free as they walk away from mom and dad's. What a shocker to find not freedom but slavery to other things on the other side.

MiPa said...

Love it. Thank you for sharing in such a creative way.

Ava Semerau said...

What a fabulous representation of the verse today! Thanks for sharing it - AVA

Abigail Kraft said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.
In his arms,

Laurie Ann said...

What a great poem! You're so talented! I really loved the words and the meaning of the poem...

Esthermay said...

This poem just reminds me so much of all the non-beleivers I’ve met over the years who truly think and believe that Christians are bound by “rules” and “good-behavior” and “legalism” and “thou shalt not…” It maddens me to a point.

They just don’t “get it!”

Freedom – TRUE freedom in Christ sets us free from ALL of that! How do you explain that except to LIVE it!

Tomorrow when I wake up (regardless of outcome of election 2008) I still know because of my FREEDOM in Christ, that HE is ultimately in Control of everything and I am first and foremost a citizen of . . . heaven!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this poem. It sure ties in to our Scripture verse today.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Your poems are outstanding! I can't write poems other than simple children's poems (I'm not even sure how good I am at those) - so I appreciate them.

Do you share these poems with publications? If not, you should.

Anyway...thanks for sharing today. I enjoyed reading your blog post.

Have a great day.

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