Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quotables for 2/18/10

"Talking Bubbles" by Iprole

I am often blessed by what others say, and I frequently copy snippets into my Bible notes or Evernote for future enjoyment.  But I'm beginning to wonder if I ought to do more to share them.  So here is an eclectic mix of "quotables" that have caught my eye this week.  In each case where a link is provided, you'll find much more than what you read here.


(The problem with the whole idea of "Love Languages.")

"You and I need to learn a new language if we are to become fit to live with each other and with God. The greatest love ever shown does not speak the instinctively self-centered language of the recipients of such love. In fundamental ways, the love of Christ speaks contrary to your 'love language' and 'felt needs.' Does anyone naturally say, 'I need You to rule me so I’m no longer ruled by what I want'? Does anyone naturally say, 'For Your name’s sake, O LORD, pardon my iniquity for it is great' (Psalm 25:11)? Does anyone naturally say, 'My greatest need is for mercy, and then for the wisdom to give mercy. I long for redemption. May Your kingdom come. Deliver us from evil'?"

~David Powlison, "Love Speaks Many Languages Fluently."  Quoted by Justin Taylor in the blog, "First Things."  Brought to my attention by Tim Challies.  (Isn't it wonderful how the internet brings together so many people who will probably never meet this side of Heaven?)


(Regarding John 3:5)

"[Jesus] employed the words Spirit and water to mean the same thing, and this ought not to be regarded as a harsh or forced interpretation; for it is a frequent and common way of speaking in Scripture, when the Spirit is mentioned, to add the word Water or Fire, expressing his power. We sometimes meet with the statement, that it is Christ who baptizeth with the Holy Ghost and with fire, (Mat 3:11; Luke 3:16,) where fire means nothing different from the Spirit, but only shows what is his efficacy in us."

~John Calvin, quoted by David at The Thirsty Theologian.


(Regarding the men who let their friend down through the roof to be healed in Mark 2:4):

"There is no hint that they ever asked permission before they began digging through that roof. There are people who would not smash a roof, though by doing it they might save a thousand souls. To them property is sacred. But to these comrades the sacred thing was life, and they were willing to destroy a hundred roofs if so doing they could save a brother. That is the spirit we want within the Church, the spirit that sees the worth of personality; the spirit ready, for the Master's sake, to break through everything that keeps us snug and comfortable. After all, it is only a matter of values, and whenever we see the value of one soul, then many an old roof will have to go, no matter what Peter's wife may think about it."

~G.H. Morrison, in the electronic collection of devotionals made available with the eSword Electronic Bible.


I hope you enjoyed these "quotables."  If people benefit by them, I'll probably do more of this kind of thing in the future, when I am still awaiting the time or inspiration to write something myself…


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Karin said...

Thanks for sharing the quotes you've been reading and the links to their source. Much appreciated! I've not found the book about the love languages to be helpful. I've found that no one in my circles speaks only one love language. Certain times, events, circumstances in their lives require me to show love in a variety of ways/languages or even a combination thereof. I definitely liked your quote!

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I like these quotes, especially the one about Mark 2:4. It challenges me to consider what I truly value, and what I am willing to tear down to save an eternal soul.

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