Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loving Religious Freedom, But Not Christ

English: Ruins of Laodicea engraving by Willia...
English: Ruins of Laodicea engraving by William Miller after T Allom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To what shall I liken this generation, this Laodicea?

You are like men who fight for freedoms you do not care to enjoy.

When you pull your noses out of entertainment long enough to notice that your government-given rights are threatened, you get mad. You get really mad.


You fire off angry words at whoever you think needs to be reminded of your rights.  
And then you put your face back in your screens and ignore Me,
because you never really wanted Me.
You just wanted your rights.

You want your pride.  You want the right to choose Me if you ever get around to it.

But you never get around to it.

There's just so much else that's more important.
You know... the next level on that video game,
the next episode of that show,
that next hand of solitaire,
the next novel,
the next round of shopping for that next cute thing or cool gadget to stuff in your house.

Yes, you want the right to Me,
but you don't want Me.

I died to save you from sin.
You designate a huge portion of your budgets to be entertained by sin. 

I died to give you the gift of enjoying Me forever, instead of suffering the eternal punishment your sins deserve.
You feel you're doing me a favor by showing up at church on Sundays... because you still can do it without fear... but I'm too boring, intrusive, demanding, and irrelevant for the rest of your week.

I died to give you the power to become sons of God... to live under the authority of your Heavenly Father, to die to this world, to take up your cross and follow Me into glory!
You only want the right to show up at a building on Sunday without fear, and the right to keep living just like the world for the rest of the week.

"What?" you gasp. "I'm not just like the world! I don't do this sin, and I don't do that sin."
But I tell you that you "don't do these things" because it pleases your religious pride not to do them, and because you believe you can throw these "proofs" in My face to defend your utter self-absorption and contempt for Me.

Don't kid yourself. For you, persecution for My sake is a moot point. The government will never take away your right to freely worship as you see fit. They'll only take away your right to freely worship Me.

Even if you do go to prison fighting for your right to a God you don't want, and even if you give up your body to be burned for your rights, but have not love for Me, you gain nothing.

I am not your God. And the freedoms your pride defends will come back to haunt you on that Day, because when you had the freedom, you did not use it to come to Me.

Repent and believe the Gospel. I died to save you from godlessness and bring you to Me.  So come to Me that I might save you!

But oh, tender words for those of you who love and trust Me!  Fear not, little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, a Kingdom which cannot be shaken, a salvation stored up in Heaven for you, ready to be revealed in the Last Day. If your government throws you in prison, you will not lose Me. They can NOT take us away from each other! You have nothing to fear. When (not "if") you walk through the fire, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you.

The government did not give you this right. I DID.  And they can never take it away.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, in this day of false prophets and prophetesses claiming to channel Jesus while contradicting the Word of God, it is necessary for me to explicitly state that I do not claim to have received these words by divine inspiration. But I do believe them to be a biblically informed and scripturally faithful restatement of feelings that our God has already plainly expressed in His Holy Word. And I believe them to accurately represent the Laodicea in which we live.
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