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Mirror People - IOW Tuesday

In Other Words

We love to look at the things we love. For many of us, that means we go through life with a mirror strapped in front of our faces, focusing on ourselves as if we were the source of our own lives, the fount of our own happiness. We are born loving ourselves, absolutely devoted to pleasing ourselves, committed to serving ourselves, and determined to make others serve us as much as possible (or else get out of our way!)

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There we are, little clay pots, admiring ourselves as if we had created ourselves. And all the while we wonder why we feel so empty.

We try to fill that emptiness with other people's admiration, doing our best to make our own little lights shine in a way that will bedazzle them. Some fail miserably at that. Others succeed miserably. Either way, we find no joy there.

A few years ago I wrote a poem about how we can use our mirrors in a way that brings true joy to ourselves and others, and most importantly, brings glory to God. It's called:

Mirror People

I was born with a looking-glass
Set right in front of my face
No matter where I turn my head
It always stays right in place.

I know my world from what I see
There in my own reflection
Consulting my own image for
Life's meaning and direction.

Whatever works to make me smile
Will suit me quite precisely
And anyone who puts me first
Will serve me very nicely.

There's not much room to look at you
Around my precious mirror
But that's okay, I do not wish
To see you any clearer.

Unless you can somehow improve
My image, re-create it
If you can help me like myself
I'd sure appreciate it.

My world feels very small and close
My face no longer thrills me
I want to feed my self-esteem
Before starvation kills me.

But now a bold intruder comes
He really aggravates me
He wants all my attention, and
Sometimes I think He hates me.

He messes with my looking-glass
But won't make me look better
He says I ought to worship Him
Like I'm some kind of debtor.

He shows me all my flaws, and yet
He says that there's good in store
The problem is, I'm not allowed
To dwell on "me" anymore.

I let Him push my mirror down
No more than an inch or two
And when I take my eyes off me
I'm amazed by something new.

Such wideness and such majesty!
My overwhelmed senses reel
Such joy, such awe, such love are more
Than I thought I'd ever feel.

My hands fall to my sides and let
My mirror fall and shatter
I barely notice that it's gone
It doesn't seem to matter.

He smiles, and in His eyes I see
The source of all this glory
Now praise seems only natural
And not obligatory.

He gives me a new looking-glass
And instinctively I know
Which way I want to turn it and
Whose face I want it to show.

I never want to look away
This beauty feeds my spirit
I shout the news to everyone
And pray that some will hear it.

There, standing out among the throngs
I see some shining Others
Their mirrors turned toward The Light
My sisters and my brothers.

Our little glasses cannot hope
His glory all to capture
But each one can reflect some more
And blaze with holy rapture.

I fear this is too good to last
And then I hear Him praying
I scarcely can believe the words
The Son of God is saying.

"I pray that they will be with Me
In Heaven, where forever
My splendor they will always see
And from Me none can sever."

How can I thank or praise enough
For such a wondrous present?
The finest riches Heaven owns
Lavished on me, a peasant!

Friends, if you see me sorrowing,
My mirror turned to face me
Please help me point it back to God
And let His joy embrace me.

And if you're sad, I'll give to you
The best I could ever give
I'll help you turn your eyes to God
To look to Him so you'll live.

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Patty Wysong said...

I love this, Betsy! It's a great image that spoke volumes to me. Thank you!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh my goodness...what a beautiful and TRUE poem! If man could only see himself for what he really is... I, for one, still struggle with this...taking my eyes off of myself! This was a beautiful reminder to remember the initial joy of discovering that Christ is more beautiful than me (no brainer!).

Thank you for sharing this. If it isn't, this poem should be published! Wow!

lori said...

WOW...what a great poem and what a wonderful image...We are often only looking in the mirror and never REALLY seeing who or what we are or what we were created to be....

This post was a blessing!!

Patricia Warren said...

Betsy, I love your poem. I can see myself reflected in it...especially the first stanzas. I'm so grateful that Christ didn't give up on me before He was able to change my focus!

Thanks for sharing. You inspire me with your reflection of Him.

Typing One-Handed

MiPa said...

Wow! Just Wow! Goose-bumps-and-God-speaking-clearly-wow. Thank you.

Bonnie W said...

Beautiful poem and insight Betsy. None of us focus on Jesus enough!

Karen said...

Wow that was a great poem. It describes the situation well. I saw me in that poem. Thanks

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Honesty . . . This is beautiful and profound. A different take than other IOW's today -- and I LOVE IT! This is something I'd like to share.

Bless you.
May God continue to use your talent!

Denise said...

Awesome poem and post.

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