Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Sermon You Must Hear

I know that 70 minutes is a long time...a long time to waste. It may seem to fly by if we're enjoying our prodigal use of it, but we're accountable to God for how we spent it. Someday we'll realize just what an awesome gift every moment has been, and we'll regret far too much with regard to our investment of it. At least, I know I will.

70 minutes is not a long time to spend wisely. And I have a heartfelt recommendation for how to spend 70 minutes very, very well.

Listen to this sermon.

Paul Washer is a rare sort of preacher, a modern-day Jeremiah. A weeping prophet who thunders. A thundering prophet who weeps. (I use the term "prophet" to refer to one who speaks the word of God boldly and with integrity, not to one who tells, or claims to tell, the future.) Brother Paul will not tickle your ears. He will not mince words. He loves the Lord and people too much. And of all the wonderful sermons I've heard him preach on the Internet, this has to be the best. Please, please take the time...make the time to listen to it prayerfully.

His burden in this sermon (and others) is to reclaim the Gospel of Christ, wrenching it out of the hands of prosperity preachers and easy-believists who have corrupted it, and showing its rightful place as a masterpiece of life-changing grace. I urge you to listen, to let the purity of Christ's gospel light a fire in your soul. Allow it to ignite more passion for the God who really saves, and saves to the uttermost, those who come to Him in repentance and true faith.

And finally, please remember to pray for all those who, like Pastor Washer, hold fast to the integrity of the Word in these perilous times when men will not endure sound doctrine. They will all come under attack from the Evil One, and they're only human. So pray for them, that God would keep them pure for His Name's sake.

Please let me know how this sermon touched your heart by leaving a comment below.

(Photo of Paul Washer copied from I trust that they will not mind its use in the promotion of this audio sermon.)
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Mary Moss said...

This sounds like something I must hear! I am also one of those who "doesn't mince words" when I deliver a message.

I have issue with those prosperity-preachers as well. It upsets me that so many are swayed by them.

I will let you know my thoughts after I listen (probably this weekend).

Blessings to you as you go.

Avalon said...

Awesome! That was so good, I can't even describe it. Thank you for sharing that.

Darnelle said...

Hi Betsy,
Just wanted to thank you for your comment at the Internet Cafe this morning. I am still blown away by your simple sentence:

"God wants us to have faith in His "no" as well as His "yes" answers."

How transformed our lives would be if we could simply grasp only that! Loved it! So happy to have "met" you!

I noticed on your profile that you follow Alecia Brit Chole's blog, Truth Portraits. I heard her speak this summer at a women's conf. - Amazing and annointed!

(Also, looking forward to listening to the sermon you recommended!)

Laurie M. said...

Thanks for sharing this. I sat and listened while I entered book info into the computer. I may link to it on my blog soon. It is really a message that needs to be heard - as is so much of what you yourself post. I pray for this man's boldness and fear of God which leads him to speak the hard things. I've seen this boldness in you as well. Fear of man (and woman) has often inhibited me.

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