Monday, March 9, 2009

The Extravagant Artist

Snowflakes (ice crystals) by Wilson Bentley, 1902

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What kind of artist makes delicate masterpieces of exquisite, beautiful detail…and then throws them on the ground?

Who makes millions of icy jewels…no two alike…and lets them fall in the farthest reaches of the earth where no human eye will ever see them?

No one would do such a thing…unless he had unlimited resources and an infinite imagination, so that quintillions of priceless gems could be created and destroyed without depleting his treasury at all.

Who would take pleasure in such unseen creations, except the one who sees them all? The one who can thrill to every minuscule, glittering detail of each precious flake, even though the recipients barely can see them at all.

Who could find joy in such giving, except one whose love knows no bounds?

Have you entered the treasury of snow? (Job 38:22)

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karin said...

That treasure of snow is absolutely amazing! Our Father is undeniably extravagant with snowflakes as well as His Love! I simply cannot grasp that, even at my age. Loved your post and the way you write. What a blessing!

fyi - it's asking for word verification but not giving me any words, lol

Micah said...

I needed this today! Waking up to yet another snowstorm this morning was discouraging...just when we could feel the warmth of spring in the air just yesterday!

God loves every of HIS snowflake, even the ones that fall in March or April.

Thanks for reminding me!


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