Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Blog "Housekeeping"

Ok, I'm overdue.

Quite a while ago now, a dear fellow blogger named Karin gave my blog the above "Fabulous" award. This is quite an honor, and I greatly appreciated it. But I never got around to accepting it (i.e. posting it on my blog), because there's a "catch" - in order to accept the award, I had to post an entry about, "Five things I'm addicted to."


Do I really want to 'fess up to that? I confess, it was easier to just keep putting it off until I pretty much forgot about it. I'm so sorry, Karin, I shouldn't have done that!

Well now another dear blogger named Sharlyn has given me the same award! That gave a sharp elbow-jab to my conscience, and so here I am, ready to give you my deep, dark list of addictions.

(Don't run away scared. It's not TOO dark...)

Oh, and I think I should explain how I personally define "addiction." To me, it's an acquired need for something that I wasn't designed by God to need. So, for example, I don't consider oxygen an addiction, even though I am rather dependent upon it (and I'm willing to bet that you are, too). So I won't be listing things like "God" or "The Bible" here, since I was designed to need those and don't consider them "addictions." Just my own quirky way of looking at things...

So here, without further ado, are five things I'm addicted to.

  1. The computer. (My husband is nodding his head emphatically as he's reading this, I'm sure!) It's hard not to be addicted to something that can provide SO MUCH at a moment's notice. Dangerous stuff. True, I only go to Christian sites, or to sites that give me news, or sites about the latest great tweaks guessed computer! What could be wrong with that? But of course the problem is spelled T-I-M-E. This electronic box eats my days. It eats my attention and focus. It eats ME. Pray for me.
  2. Diet Mountain Dew. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know that. I'm doing better, honest! I used to drink a liter a day, but now I don't drink nearly that much. The secret is not buying it. If I have it in the house, I guzzle it. There's no such thing as drinking in moderation if it's in the fridge. But I'm getting better at not walking down that particular aisle in the grocery store. All soda is bad for you, and diet soda is the worst... Pray for me.
  3. Checking my blog statistics. I want to know how many people are visiting, and where they come from. Who doesn't love the thrill of saying something like, "Wow, I got a hit from Poland today!" The problem is, it's hard not to put too much emphasis on the world's measure of success. The world says, "More is better. A bigger reach means a bigger you." On a day when my blog gets fewer than 20 hits, I feel kinda down about it. On those rare days when I get 40 or more, I feel pretty big in my britches. Oh puh-lease! The truth is, there is but one definition of success...obedience! If I obey the Lord and write what He wants me to write, and only ONE person reads it, then I have succeeded. In fact, if NOBODY read it, I would still have succeeded, because I did what the Lord wanted me to do. I know that...but I still check my stats. A lot. Pray for me.
  4. Solitaire. Specifically, computer solitaire. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but I can still go on escapist binges. I suppose that's really just an extension of addiction number 1... Pray for me.
  5. Man's approval. (That's "man" as in "humankind," not as in "The male of the species.") I still need this way too much. Yep, pray for me. Please.
Ok, that's my little confessional. You are each individually sworn to strict confidentiality. I would hate for news of this to get out...

Thanks again to Karin and Sharlyn.

Now comes another hard part. I have to choose 5 blogs to pass this along to.

I'm going to try to avoid passing it along to blogs which have already received it, so after scanning through some pages to see if the award is already there, here are the ones I've picked (in no particular order). Each one is an enjoyable blessing in my days:

  1. Meditations and Confessions of A Woman Found
    - I really appreciate her humble desire to follow the Lord wherever he leads
  2. Dancing Barefoot On Weathered Ground - An incredible blog from a woman who knows suffering in ways most of us will never experience it...and through it all has come to know our Lord in a deep and uplifting way.
  3. Reformed SHEology - Challenging, sometimes a bit controversial, but always reflective of heartfelt God-centeredness. Since I embrace Reformed Theology myself, I love anything that feeds my soul with its rich and Biblical views. This site, as the title suggests, specifically looks at Reformed Theology as it relates to women, addressing the beauty of true biblical womanhood in its many facets, including biblical submission. I always come away with a richer desire to find God's ideal for me (which is far removed from what I actually am, I'm afraid.)
  4. The Heart of a Pastor's Wife - A spirited and Spirited blog. Lots of good insights here.
  5. Writing Canvas - Another God-honoring blog from someone who has come through a few fires, and still has plenty of hot spots to deal with!

Well, there you have it. I hope each of these blogs becomes a blessing to you if you hadn't already discovered them.

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Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Wow! I guess you're doubly blessed, Betsy! You are a good sport sharing your "addictions" so fully. I would be HAPPY to get 20 hits a day on my blog LOL! Like you, I am just being obedient and letting the Lord direct in that regard. He will give the increase if it's warranted. I am so frustrated that you can't seem to post on my blog, but I don't understand why. I'll try to take another look at it.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm completed addicted to diet coke, much in the same way you are to mt. dew. Oh bother...something else to give up. I also understand about the "statistics" thing and how about the "follower" thing? Had to get over that one too. And then there's the computer thing...honestly, some days I don't even want to open it, and I don't. I think I'm getting over that addiction and am finding it very difficult to get around to visit everyone on a regular basis.

Let's see...anything else I'm addicted to...

~eating after 9:00 PM would be a big one. I'm a snacker.

~quiet because I get so little of it. A little bit never suffices.

~eating out. I hate to cook but with the economy as is and 6 mouths to feed, don't do it nearly as much as I would like.

~gummi bears from the Dollar Tree. Not the official ones, but the knock off version. The official ones smell weird.

Well, I know, more information than you wanted or even asked for...just thought I would offer it nonetheless.


karin said...

Can't even recall asking those questions, lol! I accidentally removed my counter one day and decided that actually, I don't want to know. I might have 20 hits and only 2 comments and then I'd probably wonder why people don't comment, lol, because I enjoy commenting. Many times after I've commented I think that I should have made my comment a post on my own blog. I enjoy reading blogs that challenge me to grow in faith and yours does that.

Jennifer said...

A liter a day?! Just kidding. I am really humbled you chose my blog for one of the awards. I plan to accept but will need to take some quality time to think about my addictions.

Keep up the good work! I don't check in every day but I am very blessed by your posts and I am glad you stopped by my blog -- otherwise I'd never have found yours!

a woman found said...

Man's approval! There's one I'm working to rid myself of daily! By HIS grace!!!

Anyway, thanks a million for the sweet award!

sorry about my comment problem for you... maybe i need to go back to the other way i had it! :)

have a blessed weekend,

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