Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drawing Conclusions in the Dark

York Minster in the Fog

Image by karlequin via Flickr

“We should never pass judgment in overwhelming hours. Let a man accept the verdict of his Lord, but never the verdict of his melancholy.

Hours come when everything seems wrong and when all the lights of heaven are blotted out, and how often, in such desolate hours, do we fall to judging the universe and God! It is part of the conduct of the instructed soul to resist that as a temptation of the devil. Such hours are always unreliable.

The things that frighten us in the night are the things we smile at in the morning. We are like that traveler who in the fog thought he saw a ghost; when it came nearer, he found it was a man; and when it came up to him, it was his brother.

Overwhelming times are times for leaning; God does not mean them to be times for judging. They are given to us for trusting; they are not given to us for summing up. Leave that till the darkness has departed and the dawn is on the hills, and in His light we see light again.”

G. H. Morrison (1866-1928)


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Laurie M. said...

This is just perfect for us right now. So very many things are in the dark or seem amiss for us right now, in almost every realm of our lives. These words speak wisdom and comfort to my soul. Thanks for sharing them.

Ed said...

A wonderful posting and very sage advice to let the darkness pass before making any major decisions or assessing what is really happening. Thanks.

Esthermay said...

Awesome photo/illustration.
Great lesson here. Kinda' flies in the face of "...best life now" doesn't it??!
If Christ had come to the Cross to keep us free of darkness and uncertainty, Easter morning would have left us in eternal sunshine. Instead HE came to that cross to offer eternal salvation and grace to those who accept it. It is an eternal thing -- having NOTHING to do with seeing and dwelling in darkness today! AMEN.
I welcome the darkness - it makes me more dependent on HIM!

Morrison always makes me think . . . .

Mary Moss said...

This is a very timely post. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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