Friday, June 5, 2009

A Break, an Update, and a Movie

I know, I haven’t been blogging much lately.

Partly it’s one of my usual “dry spells.”  If you’ve been around this blog for long, you’ve seen it happen before.

Partly it’s busy-ness.  The boys are out of school for the summer, of course.  My youngest son has started Little League, and I just finished a week of VBS (working a craft table).  I also went through a recent period of more diligent houseworking, though I’m afraid that’s kind-of fallen by the wayside.  (If you have been reading the blog for any length of time, you won’t be surprised to hear that!)  I’ve promised myself and my husband that I’ll start again on Monday.

That may be a bit problematic, though.  You see, I’ll be having a rather uncomfortable procedure on Thursday the 11th.  A needle biopsy, and one that’s in a difficult-to-reach area that’s going to require a lot of time and discomfort to get to.  And I’ve been told to expect the recovery to be rather painful, too.

Don’t worry too much about the word “biopsy.”  Yes, they’re doing it to rule out anything sinister in those calcifications they found, but the radiologist told me that she’s “over 90% certain” they’re nothing to worry about.  I’m far more concerned about the discomfort than the potential results.  So, if you happen to think of me on the 11th, or even on the night of the 10th, send up a prayer to our Lord for me!  I’m not letting myself dwell on the procedure, but of course it’s on the back of my mind.

On a more positive note, I have an exciting new ministry opportunity opening up for me.  I don’t want to go into much detail yet while it’s still not a definite thing, but it could be a chance to do something I really love, and be a blessing to others at the same time!  But of course it would be a big stretch for me, taking on this kind of responsibility and having others count on me, so I do feel a tad nervous thinking about it.  But the excitement far outweighs the nervousness!

I’ll give you more details when I think I can do so.

Ok, as I hinted in the title, I’m also going to mention a movie.  Now, it would be tempting to tell you how much I enjoyed “Flywheel,” “Facing the Giants,” and “Fireproof,” but I imagine most of my readers already know how wonderful those movies are.  Instead, I’m going to recommend a movie that I had never even heard of until recently.  It’s something my mom bought for my kids a little while ago, and it’s called, “Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog.”

I know, I know, it sounds like a hokey kid-flick.  Well, it IS a kid-flick, but it’s not hokey.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  It portrays a very loving relationship, one in which a son admires and respects and obeys and learns from his father…and his father is well-deserving of this respect.  (What a refreshing change of pace from Hollywood’s norm!) 

The main character, teenager Angus McCormick, finds himself drawing on his father’s wisdom in order to survive the challenge of his life.  In fact, though the title implies that the movie is about the dog, and the dog is important to the plot, the real hero is the son who grew wise from respectfully working beside his father.  

It is mostly believable, uniformly well acted, teaches and models great character qualities, and has no profanity or questionable content.  I recommend this movie to anyone with pre-teens and even younger teens.

And there you have it…proof that I haven’t fallen off the planet!  I hope to be back to writing more soon, and I appreciate all of your prayers!


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Laurie M. said...

Fun post! I'll look forward to hearing that you're recovering nicely, and about your ministry opportunity - as I know it will be a blessing to you and others.

Ed said...

Hi Betsy:

I'll be praying on the 10th or 11th so things go hopefully go well. Thanks for the movie recommendation. Another good one that Linda & I saw recently was The Ultimate Gift - a very good story with some mild profanity, but a good lesson. Ed

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation! I'm always on the lookout for a good watch, especially ones that include my kids. We're in full summertime swing over here; I guess I don't have to tell you how that goes...

Yes, I'll say a prayer for you tonight in advance, and will continue to pray as God brings you to my mind and heart. Doesn't sound very fun, friend. Praying for positive results and peace of mind.

I'd love to hear more about your ministry opportunity; I love how God introduces new avenues of ministry to us.


Sherri Ward said...

Sorry I didn't read this one sooner - I truly hope all goes well with the biopsy, and I will pray. Also will watch for details on the opportunity!

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